Arkiv av Pastor John S. Torell's predikningar på engelska från och med 2006 samlade på en sida efter årtal. Här finns också serien Varningsbudskap Till Nordens Folk på svenska från (1975-1988). Ladda gärna ner och spara, internet kommer inte att vara fritt i framtiden.

Varningsbudskap Till Nordens Folk på svenska (1975-1988)

Sverige i Vågskålen Skall Sverige Vakna För Sent? När Kommer Antikrist? Kan Sverige Undgå Dom? Vilddjuret Någon Planerar Ditt Liv!
Tro Hur Får Man Seger i Jesus? Vi Väntar På Jesus Helbrägdagörelse Guds Församling Skall Segra Frälsning Utan Syndanöd
Sveriges Ödestimna Snart Hör Vi För Sista Gången Den Stora Lögnen Vad Säger Gud? Attack Från Säpo och Pressen En Annan Jesus
Sanningen Som Få Vågar Tala Om  


Living in Forgiveness Identifying the Antichrist The Beast & The Kabbalah Television & Two Prophets Beast Control System Preparing for the Antichrist
Faith Inspires Action The Truth about the Corona Virus Surviving the Antichrist Living in the Supernatural Distrust and Rejection Living Among Fallen Angels


Don't Mock God! The Prophet and the King The Demise of King Saul From Singing to Killing Living as a Fugitive David the Turncoat
Wickedness of Humanity Good Intentions, Compassion & Cruelty Adultery and Murder The Effects of God's Curse The Last Years of King David Sin vs. Integrity
Building the First Temple The Queen of Sheba The Dark Side of Solomon Seeing into the Future Prophecies about the Messiah Angelic Preparations
The Star Gospel Jesus Launches His Ministry The Opposition Jesus Faced The Eight Beatitudes Enhancing the Law of Moses Pornography
Divorce & Oath Taking Turning the Other Cheek Going the Extra Mile Respecting One Another God & Nationalism Judging & Prayer
Narrow is the Way Compassion for Humanity The Heart of God The Final Preparation Gethsemane Arrest & Trial
The Trial That Never Was The Crucifixion of Jesus The Atonement The Resurrection The Final Days with Jesus The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Making the Right Choice Spiritual Possession Life After Pentecost Who is the Holy Spirit? The Work of the Holy Spirit The Baptism of John
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit Where Does Sickness Begin? Body, Soul & Spirit Forgive & Forget  


The Secret Rapture The Messianic Idea of Judaism The Two Messiahs The Rise of the Antichrist God's Prophet to Judah God's Prophet to Judah - Part 2
Designed in Eternity Age Doesn't Matter Forgetting God Learning to be Patient God's Word is Eternal God's Timing
Theory to Reality Fear vs. Faith Spiritual Effort God and You Stretch Your Faith Angels and Humanity
Fake Truth A Covert War A Proper Defense Satan & Evil Spirits Conducting Spiritual Warfare Set Free from Bondage
Idolatry is Addictive Fake Repentance Emotions & Choices Judgment without Mercy Impending Disaster Trusting in Lies
Discerning the Mind of God The Corruption of Paganism Why Was Mankind Created? Choosing to Sin Let Your Light Shine! Events Before the Flood
Noah and the Flood Early Years of Abram Latter Years of Abram Abraham's Faithful Servant The Training of Joshua Trusting God, No Matter What!
Victory and Defeat No Pity for God's Enemies Deception Leads to War Victory to Anarchy The First of the Judges Pagan Christmas Traditions
Trail of Destruction A Human Tragedy What is the Gospel? The Early Life of Samuel  


Covenants & Atonement The Law of Death Water Baptism Struggle Against Sin Faith & Healing Benefits of Salvation
Salvation and the Book of Life Will The Real Jew Stand Up Replacement Theology Determining Your Fate Down the Roman Road Ignorance vs. Stupidity
Jews vs. Gentiles Walking in the Spirit Islamic Doctrine Love & Correction Overcoming Evil with Good Christian Conduct
Submit to Caesar? Law Abiding Christians Vegans vs. Meat Eaters Shattered Dreams Reject Troublemakers The Origin of Sin
The Adamic Sin Glory of the Past The Suffering Messiah The Warnings of Amos The Warnings of Amos 2 Hosea and the Whore
The Kabbalah Ezekiel's Dry Bones Jesus & Jerusalem Prayer of Desperation Rebuking the King Recycled by God
Playing with Fire When Disaster Strikes Curses Are Real Cursed by God God is Our Source God has a Plan
Building with God Dying Healthy God's Assurance Program Benefits from Obedience Biblical View of Man The Silver Cord
Emotions & Disease Sickness as a Judgment Repentance and Healing Did Jesus Have a Birthday? Foods That Kill  


The Teachings of Jesus Raising the Bar Again The Fruit of a Christian Unchangeable Blessings Eight Basic Doctrinal Standards God's Sexual Laws
Sex & Marriage Prophetic Signs of the Future Antichrist Secrets Revealed Prophetic Future Events Planning Your Spiritual Education Who's Calling the Shots
Introduction to God's Classes Obedience 101 Obedience 401 Morality 101 Sabbath 101 Parents & Children 101
Forfeiting Your Life 101 Adultery 101 Theft 101 Truth 101 Coveting 101 Coveting 201
Clinton vs. Trump Love 101 Love 201 Importance of Truth 101 Integrity 101 Faith 101
Faith 201 Mercy 101 Forgiveness 101 Praying for America Angel Civilizations Angels in the Old Testament
Angels in the New Testament Pre-Adamic History The Call of Man - Part 1 The Call of Man - Part 2 The Call of Man - Part 3 Obedience or Rebellion
Heaven or Hell Sexual Immorality Living a Double Life The End of Judaism Circumcision & Faith Violent Conflict
Journey of Faith Avoiding Hell The Love of God  


Obedience & Faith Defining the Antichrist The Coming World Religion The Snare of the Antichrist Living in the Past Asking for the Miraculous
Showdown on Mount Carmel Trial by Fire Daniel's Rise to Power Facing Death & Thriving Shaping the Future The Four Gospels
The First Miracle Loving the Pariah Raising the Dead Early Life of Jesus Feeding the Hungry The Altar of Satan
The Great Deception More Deception Living under the Antichrist The Point of No Return The Cost of Disobedience God's Best In Your Life
Our Friend Jesus Dropped into Hell Blinded by God Partnering with the Devil Liars in the Church Believing a Lie
God's Messiah Preparing for the False Messiah The Kabbalah & Judaism The Road to Jerusalem The Beast System Jesus & Enoch
Satan's Ace in the Hole Creation of Satan The Devil's Messiah Soul Damage Festering Wounds Numbers Don't Impress God
True or False Worship Marriage & Sodomy The Root of All Evil The Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments continued Arise, Kill & Eat!


Jacob's Trouble The Millennium The Final War The Great White Throne Judgment The New Creation Supernatural Intervention
Satan's Final Shots The Modern Church vs. Jesus Despair to Victory Fire from Above Holy Ghost Power The Story of Pentecost
What is Holy Ghost Power? The Mystery of Iniquity The Dawn of the Antichrist Manna in the End Times Protection from the Antichrist Thinking Supernaturally
Keeping the Faith What is a Soul? Sinful Soul vs. Divine Spirit Removing Soul Damage Standing in the Last Days Thinking With Your Soul
The Brain and the Soul The Inner Man Satanic Mind Control Healing from Bad Memories The Four Stages of Life Keeping Your Soul Healthy
Jesus Revealed the Father The Root of Homosexuality How To Be Set Free Forgiveness & Mercy Jesus and the Father The Will of the Father
Love Without Measure The Bible and the Father Walking with the Father Worship in Spirit and Truth Faith & Spiritual Power Water & War
Bond Slave of Jesus Christ Rebellion Leads to Curses Losing the Land Divine Judgment Transfer of Power Another Water Miracle


The Life of Isaac Hated by God Running from Slavery Wrestling with God Joseph's Struggle The Founder of Israel 1
The Founder of Israel 2 God's Call on King David David the Psalm Writer Faith and Love The Living and the Dead Don't Give Up!
Bitterness is Deadly The Final Chapter Negative Emotions Will Make You Sick Protecting Your Emotions The Faithfulness of God What Does God Want From You?
Investing for Eternity Fighting Spiritual Strongholds Starting from Scratch Raising an Army Going on the Offensive When Will The Rapture Take Place?
True & False Conversion Tampering with the Old Testament The History of the New Testament Lies from the Devil Satan Joins The Church Descent into Apostasy
The Road to the Papacy Satan's Challenge The World Before Adam 400 Years of Terror Satanic Holidays No Church This Sunday
Victory in Bad Times The Religious Roman Empire Wasted Years The Devil's Master Plan The Thirteenth Tribe Jesus or the Antichrist?
What Happens After Death? Preparing for Heaven Road Map of the End Times Leaving the Earth The Return of King Jesus  


Being Followers of God The Armor of God Who is the Devil? Demonic Manifestation Alynn Pike's Death How Jesus Related to Women
The Compassion of Jesus A Glance at the Ministry of Jesus Jesus the Healer Jesus the Restrainer Are You a Friend of Jesus? Hearing from Jesus
The Risen Jesus All Things Are Possible With God Facing the Impossible The Two Kingdoms Exercising Your Kingdom Rights Does God Really Care?
Are You Connected to Jesus? Jesus And Your Wallet Jesus And Your Health Divine Guidance from Jesus Jesus and Marriage The Love Commandment
Can I Trust God? Who Is Your Neighbor? Jesus is the Creator Jesus and the Angels Take Heed! Working with the Lord
A Strong Warning Against Unbelief Entering God's Rest God Hates Backbiting The Four Covenants of God Eternal Security in Christ A Strong Foundation
The End of the Levitical Priesthood The New Covenant The Secret Religion of the Antichrist The Tabernacle and the Temple Obama: Forerunner to the Antichrist Coming Boldly to the Throne
Sinning Willingly Are You Ready For Persecution? The Definition of Faith Obedience Leads to Faith The Testing of Abraham The Eternal Goal


First Century to the Fugger Family The Kabbalah Jacob Frank Is There Hope For The Future? Never Surrender to the Devil! What is Worship?
Noah - A Man of Perseverance Daniel - A Man of No Compromise Job - A Man of Faith Wounds That Hurt The Soul Preparing For Life Under The Antichrist The Root of Bitterness
The Sin of the Jews Are You Easily Offended? Persecuted Without A Cause Absolutes About The Resurrection A Dysfunctional Family Betrayal
Forgiveness Are Evil Spirits For Real? Was the Power of Jesus Transferred? What is the Word of God? Are Curses For Real? Deliverance
Walking in Holiness The Jewish Mindset Breaking Away From Judaism What Do We Do With The Gentiles? No More Compromise The Old Testament
What is Faith? The Third Man of the Human Race The Presence of the Lord The Man That Never Died Life Before The Flood The Man That Floated Away
The Man That Walked Into The Future The Dreamer The Enforcer The Mark of the Beast Preparing For The Mark Jesus Is Coming Back!
The City & Church of Ephesus The Greatness of Christ Saved by Grace The Mystery of Christ The Resurrection of Believers The Five-Fold Ministry 1
The Five-Fold Ministry 2 Establishing Christian Morals  


God's Purpose & Timing The End of the Kingdom of Israel The End of the Abrahamic Covenant Who is Coming First? Biblical Truth about the Antichrist Satanic Technology Transfer
The Rapture & The Mark of the Beast Consequences of Taking the Mark Jesus is Coming Again The End of This Creation Admit Your Problem Compromise
Lack of Vision Confusion The Spiritual Wheelchair What about Tithing? Bearing Fruit The Sovereignty of God
Resist the Devil Defining the Works of the Devil Keep Your Eyes Upon Jesus Exposing False Doctrine Setting the Captives Free 1 Setting the Captives Free 2
Get the Devil Off Your Emotions The Weapon of Choice Defending the Bible 1 Defending the Bible 2 Defending the Bible 3 From Adam to Jesus
The Great Rescue Operation Jesus Established the Law of God Discerning the Laws of God Setting Up His Church How Jesus Expects Us To Live? The Pyramid of Satan
The Holy Spirit Is Your Friend Moving the Hand of God How Much Free Will Does A Christian Have? Walking In Your Free Will The System of the Antichrist The Rapture
What is God's Purpose for the Antichrist? Surviving During The Great Tribulation God Is More Than A Savior Being God's Friend A Historical Review The Theology of the Antichrist System


Caving In to Church Politics Fighting in the Gaza Strip Entering on God's Conditions Rebellion in the Promised Land Losing the Promised Land The Prophets
Why Do I Preach Judgment? The Prophets 1 The Prophets 2 Waiting for the Messiah The Messiah Arrives 1 The Messiah Arrives 2
The Rejection of the Messiah The Rebellion Continues 1 The Rebellion Continues 2 Recovering from a Great Sin Facing the Emissaries of Satan Paul's Prison Ministry
A Testimony and a Sermon The Great Shipwreck The Final Chapter The Heart of the Father What is Sin? Running from Sin
Many Shall Be Offended Deception and False Prophets Lawlessness Final Events 1 Final Events 2 Final Events3
What God Intended 1 What God Intended 2 What God Intended 3 Building Relationships 1 Building Relationships 2 A Miracle
The Family 1 The Family 2 What is Predestination? What About the Swine Flu? Every Human is Predestined The Law of Sowing & Reaping
God is in Total Control Fitting into God's Plan God's Will Shall Prevail Learning to Rest in God's Will Staying the Course Miracles Do Not Change People 1
Miracles Do Not Change People 2 Prevailing Faith  


The Organization Jesus Built 2 The Organization Jesus Built 3 The Organization Jesus Built 4 The Organization Jesus Built 5 The Power of the Holy Spirit The Death of Judaism
The First Adam The Second Adam Storming the Gates of Hell Crushing the Gates of Hell The Devil Goes to Church The Devil Bares His Teeth
Infighting in the Church Memorial for Illola Riddle The First Martyr 1 The First Martyr 2 Persecution Victory in Samaria
Supernatural Guidance 1 Supernatural Guidance 2 Where is the Power of God? Establishing Authenticity Destroying the Last Remnant of Judaism Restructuring the Church
The First Apostle is Executed Saul Becomes An Apostle Paul's Apostolic Ministry is Born First Missionary Trip into Asia Minor Persecution and a Great Miracle Defining the Doctrine for Gentiles
Strife and Unclear Doctrine Salvation and Persecution The Gospel Arrives in Athens Paul Arrives in Corinth Apollos & The Holy Spirit Miracles & Evil Spirits
Cursed Objects Satan's Legal Right Mankind is Locked in a Legal Battle The Victorious Believer in Christ Spiritual Suicide The Cost of Preaching the Gospel
On The Road With Paul The Importance of Salvation Destroy the Works of the Devil 1 Destroy the Works of the Devil 2 Living a Holy Life Victory or Defeat? 1
Victory or Defeat? 2 Victory or Defeat? 3  


Prophecy of the End Times Prophecy of Persia & Greece Daniel's Prayer for Israel Preparation for the Final Vision The Final Vision 1 The Final Vision 2
The Final Vision 3 Final Words from the Angel Learning the Ground Rules 1 Learning the Ground Rules 2 The Power of Prayer 1 The Power of Prayer 2
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 1 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 2 How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit The Working of the Holy Spirit Protecting Yourself Protection Through Fasting & Prayer
Protection from the Past Going On The Offensive Taking Control in the Spirit World 1 Taking Control in the Spirit World 2 Maintaining Control in the Spirit World How It Starts
Man Rejects  God Forgiving Others Fear of Rejection Being Immune to Rejection God Is Not Sentimental Crying Out Against Sin
Why Does Man Reject the Call of God? 1 Why Does Man Reject the Call of God? 2 Man is Triune Guarding the Eyes 1 Guarding the Eyes 2 Ruling Your Taste Buds
Hearing, Smell, & Touch God Speaks to Me The Vision Continued Implementing the Vision Breaking Away from Judaism What Jesus Knew About Himself
Jewish Apostasy The Spiritual Condition in Israel The Doctrine of the Second Covenant 1 The Doctrine of the Second Covenant 2 The Doctrine of the Second Covenant 3 Displaying Supernatural Power
The Organization Jesus Built  


Basic Information About God The Mystery of the Angels The Courthouse in Heaven The Atonement Receiving the Atonement Living in the Atonement
His Early Years The Power of God The Apostle Paul