by Toby Johansen or (, in Swedish)

The www-figures are Jewish and means three-score six. That's why I and others don't use this prefix.
There is much money in this world. Mostly accumulated by American Jews. Forgive me if my English is bad. Don't you think the rich part of the world could have solved the problems of the poor world's countries a long time ago with all these billions? But if there is no oil in a land the US isn't interested.
They buy expensive cars and houses; I'm talking about multimillions and on the antique car-market they spend up to 26.000 000 $ for a car. America is spending barrels of oil, and gas prices are a happy- go-lucky thing considering the development in racing, and the states spends more than 1/3 of the oil resources in the world.

God's Power:

Believe In Christ — He Believes In You.
Jesus was not after money. He depended fully on The Father God and died and was resurrected for you.

From His White Throne God will judge those in the world who worship money, so do not forget that. Your Salvation and Forgiveness lies in God's hands. If the Faith movement earn money on you, not to mention that they are false prophets; you should look around and search for true Christianity and not follow THEM, even if they say they are Christians. Follow God's Holy Bible, the King James Version. Jesus Christ said when He walked on earth. Follow Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. His Word was,

"I am the way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father, but through me."

(The Gospel of John, 14: 6)

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